Sunday, December 8, 2013

I Baked Pie From Scratch And No One Died. Also I Learned The Joy Of Giving.

I baked a pie from scratch. 

Okay, did everyone stop laughing yet? Great. It’s true though; I used my Mammaw’s southern style recipe from a million years ago (she was very old, God rest her sweet soul) and crafted a delicious pecan pie. Of course I can’t actually say if it was delicious I gave it away as a present. So who knows?

The point is, I had an awesome time doing it. I’ve never been a chef or anything, I think more for lack of time than any disdain of cooking. But I’ve got to say, Saturday (the day I spent baking cookies and pies) was one of the best days ever. And here's why:

Because I was making the pie for two friends as a “thank you for being so awesome” present I felt a sense of joy the entire time. From the get go this pie meant something. When I was buying the ingredients I bought the more expensive pecans, the better butter, the brand name sugar. Okay, my flour was Kroger, but it’s one teaspoon in the recipe, give me a break. Regardless, shit got real is what I’m saying. Every ingredient that went into the pie needed to be as amazing as my friends who would eat it. I even toasted the pecans before adding them to the pie. The recipe listed it as merely a suggestion you guys, but I did it. I toasted them!

Then, the magical moment came and I baked the pie. Pecan pies are pretty hard to bake because you can’t really tell when they’re done. In fact, after nearly an hour I called my mom every five minutes to update her and desperately ask for guidance. Each phone call went like this:
“Okay mom, the pie is still jiggly.”
“How jiggly.” She’d ask (she’s an expert).
“Pretty jiggly.” I said.
“Well put it in a few more minutes. But it’s supposed to be jiggly. Just not toooo jiggly. Whatever you do don't overcook it.” AHHHH!!!!
“Well how much jiggle is too much jiggle?” I started to panic. What kind of word is jiggle anyway?
“Just, you’ll know.” 

It wasn’t about the jiggle though. It was about not wanting to ruin the present I was making for my friends during this holiday season and then have to make them another pie that said “Sorry about the first pie and your subsequent food poisoning.”

Eventually, I figured it out. And all was right in the world. In fact, I had so much fun with the pie and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside that I continued baking for the rest of the day. I made some bomb peanut butter cookies and gave those away too. Because that’s what the holidays are about – making your friends fat while you secretly work out double.

This is my cookie selfie. Proof I was in the kitchen.
Kidding. It’s about the fact that doing things for other people also brings joy to yourself. So we should all do it a little bit more.

So that's my lesson to all of you. Go bake. Go make something for a loved one. Go write a letter. Or a card. Or anything that comes from the heart. Because it means so much more than another iTunes gift card.

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