Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Am A Woman, Not A Toy

I am a woman, not a toy. Please read that sentence carefully and try to grasp its meaning completely. I am a woman not a toy. Period. 

You do not own me. I am not here simply for your amusement. You cannot tie a string around me and drag me along. You cannot put me in a chest until you decide I am worthy to come out and play. You did not purchase me. There is no manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. You cannot brand me. I am not yours.

You cannot stick me on a shelf and simply ask me to look pretty. You cannot take my batteries out when I annoy you. Or I am talking too much. Or being too smart. I am not an inanimate object devoid of feelings or opinions. And you cannot trade me in for a different model, when I am no longer shiny and new.

Because I am a woman, not a toy – my presence means you earned it. You did not buy me with fancy dinners, new clothes, and expensive wine. You did not guilt me into it. Or threaten me. I came because you earned it. You earned it by being a decent human being and understanding that a toy, is not something you are interested in. And I am NOT a toy.

We, society, America, whatever you want to call it are inundated on a daily basis with female sexuality. And it’s a beautiful thing. I think women are beautiful and sexy and amazing. I love watching Victoria’s Secret commercials because I think they are empowering. Not that every woman needs to be a size 0 – but those women ARE beautiful and they own that beauty, a beauty which should be celebrated. As a female I can appreciate that and aspire to own my own beauty like that.

But I think men, watching those same commercials, seeing those same billboards, reveling in the saturated market of naked women around them at all times forget that women were not put on this planet to simply be seen and not heard. And I think, when women measure their self worth based on how MEN view them, they lose sight of that same fact. 

That said, just because I put on a tight dress and five-inch heels does not mean you can slap my ass. Just because I show it off, does not make it yours. Because again I am not a toy. This is not an Apple store where you get to poke and prod and then never buy.

You have to earn it. Just as I would have to earn you. 

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