Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh Hey Camera, Didn't See You There

Hey everyone, look. This is a selfie I took of myself (duh) and now I'm putting it on the Internet. What's so great about selfies is ... look how naturally awesome I look. Make-up, free, just chillin' in my bed with my cat.

No, that's not a pose. And I didn't take this "impromptu" selfie like 35 times from 10 different angles with different lighting options. No sir. It's a selfie and we all know that selfies are natural moments captured by us humans ... that just happen to look good because WE look so good. Not because we take it, check it, and delete until it's the absolute perfect combination of "looking good" but "not trying." Definitely not.

And we all know that our friends love to look at pics of our faces, doing absolutely nothing except looking natural. That way in 20 years we can all look back at the plethora of selfies we created and say, "Hey remember that one time we looked into a camera. That was great."

P.S. Rambo could have a tried a little harder.

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