Monday, February 6, 2012

Sexy Sells... But is it Worth Buying?

Um ... yeah she's hot ... and? 
A decade ago the world was shocked when Brad Pitt chose Angelina “I make out with my brother and wear blood around my neck” Jolie over Jen “I’m America’s sweetheart” Aniston.  And everyone remembers the infamous whip cream bikini made famous by Ali Larter. Plus, if you regularly watch The Bachelor, as I do, then you know that sweet Ben is captivated by bitchy, “let’s go skinny dipping and p.s. I’m a model” Courtney. It seems that all the bad girls (Shout out to Megan Fox's entire career!) are still winning and their weapon of choice is sex.
The confusing part is that everyone else gets its, and by everyone I mean, women. Other women, normal women, can see that these bad girls tend to be shallow, self-absorbed, and yes – bitchy. Yet magically the men are blind. The men are too distracted by boobs, butts and sexy whip cream outfits. It’s like high school all over again where the mean cheerleader in the short skirt gets the homecoming king and the rest of us make snarky, yet witty, comments about how someday they’ll “get theirs”. But it seems that Sexy Sells and when used as tool to trap a man – yes I used the word trap - they never seem to “get theirs” as we hoped they would. They end up on the Real Housewives of Insert City Here with jewels, cars and $25,000 sunglasses all bought on a currency of sex… (How exactly million dollar housewives differ from hookers is a whole other article)!
I’ve seen my fair share of crazy girls, I do have an older brother after all and plenty of male friends, and I’ve probably pulled my fair share of crazy crap (drunken text messages barely scratch the surface). Sadly words like intelligent, worldly and honest were not necessarily adjectives high on the guy’s lists. Instead my male friends always seemed more intrigued by traits like crazy, mysterious, enigmatic, emotional and owns handcuffs. So what’s the deal? Is it really so black and white… play the sexy card and you win… forget if there is some road kill along the way? All the girls on The Bachelor tend to get further if they make out with the guy more, if they prance around in bikinis and if they steal his attention through antics, mind games and worthless emotional back stories to seem “deeper”.  No one seems to be discussing the presidential primaries, Iran’s nuclear situation, 18th century philosophers or quantum mechanics in order to win a guy over…apparently that’s not as sexy or interesting as twirling your hair and talking about your past eating disorders. Who knew?
So the question remains – are men really in love with these bad girls, or just infatuated by them? Is there some kind of secret, support group with 40-year-old guys talking about how they were duped and now can’t have a convo with their own wives and the sexy nurse outfit no longer does it for them? Is this why the divorce rate is so high? I don’t have the answer (and if you do please send it ASAP). I do however think that it’s hard to distinguish lust and love and oftentimes people fall in lust… but is it worth it? Attraction is definitely important, and people are always attracted to things they can’t have (hence the dating games) but is it the whole enchilada? And if it is, just know that a girl who cooks in red high heels and a sexy maid outfit definitely isn’t making enchiladas!

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  1. Well...yup. We market to the instantaneous, the 'feeling', and lo and behold it works. Now, at age 58, 'sexy' still gives me whiplash, but - thankfully - experience has finally taught me to walk away. Beauty can be a 'beast'. I prefer independent women with brains and graciousness, yet who can dress up nice as well as kick off their shoes and relax. So, that's who I married this second time around.